logos of the COPIM partners consortium


The infrastructure used by open access publishers must be driven by, and responsive to, the varied needs of an international scholarly community.
A key aspect of COPIM is therefore that it privileges close working relationships between publishers, librarians, infrastructure providers, and other members of the scholarly community.

COPIM is an international partnership comprising

  • universities: Coventry University, Birkbeck, University of London, Lancaster University and Trinity College, University of Cambridge;

  • established scholar-led open access presses, represented through the ScholarLed consortium, which consists of Open Book Publishers, punctum books, Open Humanities Press, Mattering Press, and meson press;

  • libraries: UCSB Library, Loughborough University Library, the British Library;

  • infrastructure providers: the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB), Jisc ;

  • and membership organisations: the Digital Preservation Coalition.


COPIM: Overview

Consortium Partners
Coventry University ScholarLed:
Birkbeck, University of London Mattering Press
Lancaster University Open Book Publishers
Trinity College, Cambridge Open Humanities Press
Loughborough University Library Meson Press
UC Santa Barbara Library Punctum Books
Open Book Publishers The British Library
Punctum Books The Digital Preservation Coalition
The Directory of Open Access Books



Thanks to funding from OPERAS-P, a European Coordinator for Open Access Book Publishing works jointly between OPERAS-P and COPIM, based at Open Book Publishers. The European Coordinator is working to facilitate exchange between the various library and scholarly publishing communities within the EU and the COPIM project.



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