WP5: Building an Open Dissemination System




Rupert Gatti (Trinity College, Cambridge), Vincent van Gerven Oei (punctum books), Javier Arias (Open Book Publishers), Ross Higman (Open Book Publishers), Graham Stone (Jisc), Tim Elfenbein (Open Book Publishers), Tom Mosterd (Open Book Publishers/OAPEN)

WP5 is developing technical protocols and infrastructure to better integrate open access books into institutional library, digital learning and repository systems. This will support wider discovery and dissemination of open access books. Existing print and ebook distribution channels are difficult for new or open access publishers to engage with, requiring submission of metadata in multiple different formats (e.g. MARC, ONIX, KBART), and many platforms requiring multiple different metadata submissions; In addition, existing distribution channels are not well suited to open access content, while entirely new discovery and dissemination platforms are emerging (e.g. Google Books/Scholar). Guided by the perspective of new and emerging not-for-profit open access presses that have not yet been sufficiently integrated into existing discovery systems, knowledge bases, and supply routes, the aim of WP5 is to develop methods and systems to better integrate the catalogues of open access publishers into curated research records. The implementation of “best practices” workflows for open access book publishers will allow their catalogues to be better integrated into the scholarly record (discoverability, reach, persistence), increasing the impact of open access books. WP5 will build an Open Dissemination System (ODS) for open access books and a shared “best practices” digital catalogue. The ODS is to be built as a decentralised system, using open source code, open protocols and standards and distributed databases—all under collective control. Doing so will ensure the system cannot be operated for the benefit of a single entity (either commercial or not).

Blog posts & project output

  • See COPIM’s Open Documentation Site: WP5 for an overview of blog posts, announcements, etc.
  • in addition to that, visit our Outputs section for deliverables and milestones reached by the Work Package.

Key deliverables and impacts

  • An Open Dissemination System enhancing the discovery and dissemination of open access monographs
  • A pilot case implementing the ODS infrastructure amongst the open access publishing partners
  • A shared “best practices” digital catalogue to enable adoption of the ODS